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New York Times


By Janelle Brown

UNTIL the mid-1970's, San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter was a seedy red-light district habituated almost exclusively by sailors on leave from local military installations. But a huge development project has turned the zone into a buzzing center for night life, and surrounding downtown neighborhoods like East Village, Hillcrest and Little Italy are now peppered with cranes putting up new loft buildings, destination restaurants and high-end boutiques. All of which is to say that it has become easy for the culturati and the hip to spend a weekend totally free of the city's more vanilla family-friendly entertainments. San Diego isn't just about Shamu the whale and the Wild Animal Park anymore.

San Diego Recharger

The Mission restaurant is a San Diego institution, serving Mexican-inspired breakfasts and lunches at three outposts. The branch (1250 J Street, 619-232-7662) in SOMA (for South of Market, but no one calls it that), in an old plantation-style building that sits in the shadow of the Petco Park baseball stadium, is light, airy and filled with young hipsters from the surrounding lofts. Try a breakfast quesadilla ($6.50) or a Mission croissant stuffed with eggs and cheese ($6.95).

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Vacation Idea


By VacationIdea Staff
June 24, 2015

From farm-to-table cuisine to delicious pizzas, burgers, sausages and tacos, San Diego restaurants offer a wide variety of options to couples and families. Have lunch with a scenic view of the city, savor creative American cuisine, sample award-winning barbeque or order amazing Italian pizza. Other must-try flavors and eats on our list include handmade sausages, Mexican street food, burgers, bacon, great seafood and vegetarian flatbread.


The Mission is a local favorite that serves affordable, health-minded Chino-Latino cuisine with a whimsical edge. Stop in to this urban bistro for lunch and try one of their exquisite and unique quesadillas, the Baja shrimp wrap, or any of their gluten-free or vegetarian options. Local restaurateurs, Fay Nakanishi, Deborah Helm, and Thomas Fitzpatrick came together to open the original Mission Café & Coffeehouse in Mission Beach in 1997. Since this time the restaurant transformed and expanded to two additional locations in North Park and SoMa East Village. The Mission has been praised by numerous renowned publications for its award-winning eats (website).

Guy's Bite Out


By Ariele Alon
June 2, 2015

What's one of the biggest perks of living in San Diego aside from the perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and amazing nightlife? Definitely the mind-blowing breakfast burritos! Whether you're searching for a casual breakfast, the perfect cure to a major hangover, or a 2 a.m. munchie meal, breakfast burritos are the go-to food that San Diego specializes in and we've discovered the best places to get them.

The Mission
Mission Beach/North Park/East Village

Many of us local San Diegans have already experienced the pleasure of indulging in the deliciousness of The Mission's menu. We also know to expect a line outside that ensures at least a 15 minute wait, but to be able to dine in such a perfectly cozy brunch spot with their amazing breakfast burritos and perfectly concocted mimosas, it's well worth the wait. The Mission also offers vegetarian and gluten-free menu options for those of you that are health-conscious or have allergies and with three convenient locations, you're never too far from their amazing burritos and homey atmosphere.

Californai Dream Big

California Dream Big

The Mission gets international exposure! BH Lee, a popular and acclaimed actor in South Korea created a microsite to highlight and market a driving trip through the Golden State.

Below is from the microsite that highlight BH Lee's time in San Diego and features The Mission! Scroll down about 3/4.



Published on 4/13/2015
By Sara Norris

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day according to everyone's Mom, so it makes sense to honor the places that make a habit of having it available all week long -- none of this "weekend brunch only" business. Here are San Diego's best spots to get your morning meal on:

The Mission
Multiple locations

The Mission is a breakfast institution in San Diego. Your menu options are healthy-ish and the perfect mix of traditional breakfast favorites like French toast made with house-baked cinnamon bread on a palette of berry purée and Latin dishes like Mission chilaquiles that have yet to meet a hangover they can't cure.



By Zagat Staff

March 26, 2015

What makes a California burrito so different from other variations of the Mexican staple? Watch our video to find out.

Discover San Diego


This week, the top three brunch spots with fanciful pancakes

By Michelle Dederko
March 20, 2015

The Mission
What to order: The banana blackberry pancakes ($7.95), strawberry granola pancakes ($7.95) and blackberry pancakes ($7.75) are all worth fighting over.
Brunch hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily
3795 Mission Blvd., Mission Beach. (858) 488-9060
2801 University Ave., North Park. (619) 220-8992
1250 J St., East Village. (619) 232-7662



By Erin Jackson
Published on 3/9/2015

Restaurants these days like to change their menus up in the name of things like "seasonality" or "keeping you from getting bored" or "changes in an ingredient's legal status." Generally speaking, this is a wonderful thing, until a dish you loved with the depths of your soul and tastebuds disappears. Some dishes are too good to mess with, so San Diego chefs: please add these 15 items to your Do Not Disturb list.

French Toast

The Mission
Multiple locations

Swirls of cinnamon and wild berry coulis speed these thick slices of sweet and tender French toast directly to Tasty Town

(population: you, and whomever you deem worthy of sharing it with)



Each month we ask one of our favorite San Diegans the question:
If you only had 24 hours to show a friend the best that urban San Diego has to offer, where would you take them?

BREAKFAST: I'm not a huge breakfast person, but I never can say no to The Mission. I crave their chicken apple sausage and eggs. The rosemary potatoes and homemade bread are things that dreams are made of. Tasty, tasty dreams.

the culutre trip

California - the best art, food, culture, travel

San Diego's 10 Best Brunches & Late Breakfasts This Weekend

The Mission Restaurant

A small local chain with three locations, The Mission is an eatery featuring 'conscientious cuisine,' which includes healthy American fare plus Chino Latino-inspired cuisine. Using the freshest ingredients available, this restaurant offers many mouth-watering breakfast and lunch options to eager brunch aficionados seven days a week. Within a lively art-infused environment complete with artworks by local artists, guests can take delight in delicious items, including granola banana pancakes; a croissant sandwich with eggs, tomatoes, cheese, and scallions served with fresh fruit; and rancheros verde — flour tortillas with eggs, black beans, cheese, and roasted chile verde sauce. Meat lovers and those on a gluten-free diet also have an array of tasty dishes from which to choose.

The Mission (Mission Beach), 3795 Mission Blvd., San Diego, CA, USA, +1 858 488 9060
The Mission (North Park), 2801 University Ave., San Diego, CA, USA, +1 619 220 8992
The Mission (East Village), 1250 J. St., San Diego, CA, USA, +1 619 232 7662

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San Diego Reader


A perfect food day
Binge city


By Ian Anderson
Sept. 3, 2014

The perfect food day needs to start like any other perfect day — without an alarm clock. I'll rise and shine on my own time, right around when the urge to drink coffee outweighs the comfort of my bed. Probably around 8:50.

"...Mission Café (3795 Mission Boulevard, Mission Beach). The University Avenue Mission's just a few blocks away, but I might as well go to the beach, because obviously it's beautiful out, with chest-high swells, and light offshores in the forecast.

So, I'll head to the Mission Beach location and order without looking at the menu. French toast, maybe toss on some blueberries. With a side of eggs over easy and bacon. Okay, send out the bacon first.

The Mission's french toast is the first I've truly liked, made with house-made cinnamon bread and all but caramelized — buttery and sweet. It'll count as my dessert for the day and fuel a session at Tourmaline. Just an easy day, long rides on a longboard. I want to work up an appetite, but I'll need my stamina for what comes later."

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LA Times


Weekend Escape

By Linda V. Ball
May, 23 2014

San Diego's Mission Beach turns 100 this year. But don't expect this great-grandfather of a beach to exude gravitas. Mission Beach is a magnet for the young, the tattooed and the restless. Indulge your surfing obsession by riding ocean waves or test your mettle against the WaveHouse's mechanical swells at Belmont Park, an amusement center that is this community's heart. Ride a beach cruiser along the boardwalk to the quieter southern end and watch a volleyball game. For centennial events, go to The tab: from $199 a night at the Catamaran, depending on the day of the week and the season; a meal for two can be had for $25.

The meal
The Mission (3795 Mission Blvd.; (858) 488-9060,; no breakfast item is more than $11) has been serving standout breakfasts and lunches to locals since 1997. Start your day with a hearty Mission Rosemary breakfast of scrambled eggs, crispy rosemary potatoes and fluffy rosemary bread. If you want leaner fair, choose a Zen breakfast of scrambled egg whites, braised tofu and brown rice.

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Wall Street Journal


The Mets' Backup Catcher Gives the WSJ a Tour of His Favorite Food Spots on the Road

By Jared Diamond
July 25, 2014

Major-league players receive about $100 extra to spend on meals for every away game on the road. Few take better advantage than Anthony Recker, the Mets' backup catcher, amateur chef and resident gourmet.

Instead of relying on room service or whatever he finds right outside the front door like many of his peers, Recker scours crowd-sourced review websites, such as, in each city he visits to discover the finest local fare, even if it means venturing far from the team hotel.

His tastes range from adventurous (reindeer hot dogs in Denver) to healthy (vegan sandwiches and pastries in Miami) to haute cuisine (Restaurant Eve outside Washington). If it tastes good, Recker wants it, and he usually finds it, even if it requires a little work.
With the Mets settling in for a weekend series in Milwaukee, Recker sat down with the Journal to discuss his favorite spots from across the National League:

The Mission (1250 J St., San Diego)

"It's an old house, a big giant house, but the whole bottom floor is just a restaurant. It has a little wraparound porch, so you can eat inside, you can eat outside. The rosemary potatoes that come with all the egg dishes, that's amazing. Their famous pancake is a banana, blackberry. Again, the rosemary potatoes are awesome."

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By Darlene Horn
March 24, 2014

Brunch is big business in San Diego. Whether there's sunshine, clouds or even a rain shower, brunch-time crowds are a weekend guarantee. If you have yet to find your perfect go-to spot for French toast, pancakes, bacon, eggs and their endless variations, check out this list of the 10 hottest brunches in San Diego, including the dishes you shouldn't miss at each one.

The Mission
Why It's Hot: The menu includes something for everyone: from vegetarian-friendly breakfast fare to inventive dishes with Chino-Latino flair.

Must Order: Anything with the crispy rosemary potatoes, Mission French toast made from fresh-baked cinnamon bread

Insider Tip: Musician/actor Tom Waits has been spotted at the Mission Beach restaurant. This spot also has an extensive menu for gluten-free eaters.

Hit It Up: Every day, 7 AM-3 PM
3795 Mission Blvd.; 858-488-9060
2801 University Ave.; 619-220-8992
1250 J St.; 619-232-7662

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San Diego Magazine


San Diego's Best Brunch

Compiled by Staff with Nate Martins | Photos by Paul Body • Food Styling by Maria Sparks
February 2014

San Diego's got a funny relationship with brunch. In fact, some of our favorite spots don't technically do brunch. They specialize in breakfast served all day, or lunch served early, or are nice places to go that put out OJ for your Champagne. One thing they all have in common: splurge. Either on price, calories, or alcohol. These are not critical meals. Or nutritious ones (except for our list of 10 healthy brunches on page 103). These are just-for-fun, cure-the-hangover, blow-the-day, break-your-plans, meet-your-friends, take-the-kids, not-every-Sunday kind of meals. So splurge. And may your mimosas always be bottomless!

Healthy Brunches
A hearty meal, sans food coma

The Mission
North Park, East Village, Mission Beach
This famed spot has an extensive gluten-free menu, with ingredients like soy chorizo and farm-fresh egg whites.

10 Sweet Spots
Beyond chocolate chip pancakes and real maple

The Mission Restaurant
North Park, East Village, Mission Beach
Their famous French toast is made with cinnamon bread.

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By Darlene Horn
January 17, 2014

The Mission has a substantial lunch menu to satisfy omnivores and vegetarians, but it's their pre-lunch creations that really shine. Endure the wait for breakfast (7 AM-3 PM) and your reward is Mission French toast. Hearty slices of fresh-baked cinnamon bread are dipped, fried and topped with a berry puree. The dish is so sweet and rich on its own that no syrup is necessary. Add scrambled eggs and bacon and you're touching two more food groups. (You heard it here first: "bacon" is a fully accepted food group on the weekends.) If your fellow diners like Latino morning fare, there are rancheros verde, chilaquiles or soy chorizo to fit the bill.

Full Article here

San Diego Magazine


Everyday Eats: Chilaquiles at The Mission

By Erin Jackson
Monday, August 19, 2013

Everyone needs a dependable spot for breakfast, the unfussiest of meals, when what often matters most is efficiently delivering food to a growling stomach. For me, that's The Mission. The cinnamon swirl French toast is legendary, but for those times when I don't want to fight the urge to immediately crawl back into bed after a carb-heavy, sugar-loaded breakfast, I'm all about the chilaquiles ($8.50).

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By Candice Woo
Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Real estate brokers love starting the day by closing a deal at Americana in Del Mar; coffee cup in hand, investors discuss the stock market over scrambled eggs and downtown vistas at the University Club atop Symphony Towers.
Whatever your business, San Diego has breakfast spot for your deal-making needs, any day of the work week. Here's a dozen of our favorite power breakfast options all over town:

The Mission
Con: You have a 7 a.m. Monday meeting. Pro: You get to have it at The Mission's original beachside location without having to wait in its long weekend lines.

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By Sara Norris
June 2013

June 21st may sound like any other day, but it isn't. Thanks to Thrillist, it's going to be the Best Day of Your Life.
Here's how it's going to happen. Once you've concocted an elaborate scheme to get out of work for the longest day of the year, you'll download this itinerary to guide you to everything from hookups on beer flights at SD Brew Project to gratis coffee at Dark Horse, all the while following all the #BDOYL social action here.

9am Breakfast: Now that you've got a little pep in your step, its time to have the most important meal of the day at The Mission. Get the protein packed Power Plato Breakfast...

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10 Best

10 BEST:

By Katie Dillon, Local Expert, San Diego
May 1st 2013

Wake up in San Diego, where the sun is probably shining, and make time to visit the 10 best restaurants for breakfast or brunch because these places are popular with locals for good reason.

THE MISSION - This is one place where waiting for a table proves worthwhile - The Mission is the local favorite for hearty, unusual breakfasts and lunches. Fill up on Chino-Latino and American dishes like the Zen Breakfast (scrambled egg whites, braised tofu, brown rice, and lightly grilled veggies), the Desayuno Burrito (tortilla filled with potatoes, eggs, cheese, beans, and chipotle cream), strawberry-granola pancakes, and roast beef hash and eggs. Great coffee; wonderful quesadillas, wraps and tacos for lunch. Prices are reasonable and portions are huge with some saying a stack of pancakes can feed multiple people. The Mission is also very kid-friendly.

Full article here



By: Kristal Docter
San Diego | January 5th, 2013

Good morning, San Diego! It's time to wake up and smell the bacon and bennies with a trip to this city's best breakfast spots. Whether you wish to awaken with hash and eggs or a mile-high pile of pancakes, San Diego is booming with fantastic breakfast eateries. We discovered that this morning meal may also be the most fun of all. Plates are larger, menus are more radical and the world seems just a little brighter at the start of the day. Our breakfast expedition stretched from Encinitas to Downtown San Diego and uncovered lively communities of people gathering together in the A.M. for fantastic sunrise food. For our premier San Diego edition of LOCALE, we're focusing our friendly food competition (aka VS.) on breakfast, because we think this area's got the best breakfast haunts in all of Southern California.

Wake Up With: Strawberry Granola Pancakes
Three pancakes with fresh strawberries and grain cereal Maintaining long lines of passionate fans is difficult for even the most popular of rock bands. Maybe they should be serving pancakes. The original Mission location (situated in both the city and on the street's namesake) has been churning out beautifully decorated plates of thick wonderfulness since 1997. Known locally for their piles of French toast and stacks of super thick pancakes, it was difficult for us to pick our sampling. We decided as a group on their strawberry and granola cakes. All of the Mission pancakes start out identical. Thickly poured batter steaming on a griddle with the patron's chosen ingredients meticulously hand placed. Our pancakes are served piping hot on a plate garnished with swirls of blackberry sauce. The decoration is applied with a cake maker's precision. The strawberries are visible on each layer of the cake and the granola is protruding generously and visibly through the batter. The pancakes are sweet and only made tastier when generous amounts of a true maple syrup are applied in swaths. Get up early or wait in a line. You will not be disappointed.

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San Diego Reader


By Barbarella Fokos

Hip, urban, and with three locations from the shore to downtown, the Mission is open by 7 a.m., which makes it a great go-to for early-morning meetings with "conscientious cuisine." My favorite dish is the Breakfast Burritos — two tamale-sized egg-and-cheese burritos served on a plate with black beans. But no visit is complete without a bite of a strawberry, banana, and granola pancake (if you can't handle a stack, you can order just one pancake to share). Other sure-fire dishes are the Mission Rosemary (crispy rosemary potatoes, scrambled eggs, rosemary bread) and the Zen Breakfast (egg whites, tofu, brown rice, grilled veggies, and a savory tamari-based sauce).

Full article here

The Daily Aztec


By Allie Bidwell

From rich and sugary French toast for the diner with a sweet tooth to braised tofu and brown rice for the more health conscious eater, The Mission has it all. Operating on a philosophy of 'everyone's welcome and it's all good,' the restaurant has blossomed throughout the past 15 years and has attracted a loyal fan base.

Once a sole coffeehouse in Mission Beach catering largely to college students, the restaurant has expanded to three different locations — Mission Beach, North Park and Downtown — all of which have a variety of "simple, healthy, tasty food with a whimsical edge." Chef Fay Nakanishi joined with owners Deborah Helm and Thomas Fitzpatrick to bring this idea to life.

Full article here

San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles

2011 Silver Fork Awards
Best Breakfast

By Stephen Silverman

Best Breakfast
The Mission

Home to eccentric and traditional breakfasts where the menu never changes and the clientele keep coming back. 1250 J St., East Village, 619-232-7662; 2801 University Ave., North Park, 619-220-8992; 3795 Mission Blvd., Mission Beach, 858-488-9060.

Full article here

San Diego Magazine


Everyday Eats: French Toast at The Mission

By Erin Jackson

You've got to hand it to french toast. How giant slabs of egg custard dipped bread fried in butter, and topped with gobs of syrup eluded the "dessert" classification, I'll never know. Not that I'm complaining. Tucking into a plate of sweet and fruity french toast, like this version, made with fresh-baked cinnamon bread at The Mission is one of the best ways to start the day. The soft, house-made bread has a gooey swirl of cinnamon and brown sugar baked inside, which makes for an out-of-this-world plate of french toast. The giant portion comes with a scattering of fresh fruit and swirls of berry puree. Syrup is stationed at the table, but only a small ribbon of it is necessary.

The best approach to breakfast at The Mission is to pair up with a friend and order the french toast, plus a side of scrambled eggs and double-smoked bacon for an extra $2. Even if you come in with a lumberjack-sized appetite, you won't leave hungry.

Full article here

Westjet Up! Magazine

Westjet Up! Magazine:
24 hours for $24 (or less)

By Gabriel Salcedo

Start your day with breakfast at The Mission, in downtown's East Village. It's good food in an old, historic building. A favourite morning dish is the Mission French Toast: fresh-baked cinnamon bread on a palette of berry puree [US$8]. (1250 J St., 619-232-7662).

Full article here

Convention and Visitor's Bureau

San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau:
5 to Try This Weekend in Mission Bay

By Courtney

Start your day off right with breakfast or brunch in Mission Bay. Put The Mission's reputation of "best beach breakfast" to the test...

Full article here

The Daily Aztec


By Kelly Callas

The Mission is more than a restaurant: It is a concept. Simple yet inspired, the idea is to strip away the pretentiousness of La Jolla-style a.m. dining while maintaining a competitive level of sophistication and quality with health awareness. This establishment is focused on delivering generous portions of elegant, casual fare with fresh ingredients and prices any college student could love.

One example among the many palatable options is the Mission French Toast, an inspired plate of freshly baked cinnamon bread with berry purèe. This customer favorite is made in-house and promisingly affordable at $7.95 per plate.

Although The Mission has three locations (Mission Beach, North Park and downtown), the Mission Beach restaurant was the first to evolve out of a Bohemian-style coffee shop in 1995 and has been a local favorite ever since. Owners Deborah Helm and Tomas Fitzpatrick and Chef Fay Nakanishi came together in this transformation with a collective goal: Create "a café specializing in simple, healthy, tasty food with a whimsical edge and a focus on artful presentation at an affordable price."

Full article here

San Diego Union Tribune


By Beth Wood

One of the most popular stretches of boardwalk in San Diego is Ocean Front Walk in Mission Beach. Of course, the surf, sand and views lure visitors. But the ultimate entertainment is people-watching.

While this boardwalk lacks the ultra-quirki-ness of Venice Beach in Los Angeles, it may be as close as San Diego gets to such a scene. Surfers, skaters, partyers, joggers, bicyclists, tourists (some also on bikes and skates) and gawkers all travel this sometimes choked cement walkway. But an 8 mph rule keeps the pace slow. The corner of Ocean Front Walk and Ventura Place is a good place to start strolling north toward Pacific Beach. Just south of the foot of Ventura is Belmont Park, famous for its hard-to-miss landmark, the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. This northern leg of Mission Beach has more condos and vacation rentals than retail outlets, so if you want to eat or shop, first check out Mission Boulevard (one block east).

A restaurant frequented by both locals and tourists is The Mission at 3795 Mission Blvd., open dally from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Making ordinary-sounding meals extraordinary and unusual-sounding dishes delicious, the Mission's only count against it is the long wait on busy days. The generous servings should help keep you fortified until it's time to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets from Ocean Front Walk.

Convention and Visitor's Bureau

San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau:

By Robin Kleven

Some people claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When it comes to the following establishments, we couldn't agree more.

The Mission (downtown, North Park, Mission Beach)
Breakfast sparkles at these hip and whimsical cafes run by a trio of talented restaurateurs. Along with eye-opening espresso drinks and sensational fruit smoothies, best bets include specialty pancakes, cinnamon french toast and Mexican-style dishes such as breakfast burritos and huevos rancheros. Expect long waits on the weekends.


SDNN San Diego News Network:

By Susan Russo

Shouldn't the first meal of the day be amazing?

San Diegans love going out for their morning meal. This is obvious by the number of breakfast joints with lines of hungry people snaking around street corners waiting patiently for their pancakes and eggs. It usually doesn’t matter, though, since patrons enjoy the morning weather while they wait.

San Diego is a city with an abundance of seriously good breakfast restaurants, so choosing only eight proved difficult. But here are eight great breakfast eateries (in no particular order) that will get you off to a delicious start.

The Mission, three locations in Hillcrest, Mission Beach and downtown. There’s something about the proximity to the beach and watching scores of wet, sandy surfers walking by that makes The Mission in Mission Beach a very cool place to eat breakfast. That, and their pancakes, which are quite nearly perfect – golden, light, and fluffy. They also offer breakfast plates featuring healthier fare such as the soy chorizo and eggs with black beans and chipotle cream and their Zen breakfast, a mixture of scrambled egg whites and tofu served with nutty brown rice and grilled veggies

San Diego Magazine


Flapjacks. Omelets. And someone else doing the cooking.

By Maren Dougherty

Whether your scenario involves a stressful workwork and one too many gin-and-tonics the night before or simply the desire to start your day with a menu full of morning choices, the remedy is a warm of eggs or pancakes served with fresh-squeezed OJ and an ocean breeze. Check out our list of the 26 hottest breakfast spots in town — from downtown to Encinitas, diet-friendly to decadent, classic to creative.

The Mission, 1250 J Street, downtown, 619-232-7662, The rosemary potatoes and banana blackberry pancakes draw a crowd that can create a half-hour line on weekends — even longer on Padres game days. Slip inside to the coffee bar and order a latte or Thai coffee to sip as you wait.

Full article here

San Diego Union Tribune

UT (Night & Day):

By Brandon Hernandez

When it comes to New Year's Eve, most partygoers make plans weeks and even months ahead, strategizing with the zeal and determination of a military tactician to make certain they and their fellow revelers extract every ounce of fun from the last fleeting moments of the year. Yet, few of us go to any lenghts to ensure that the first day of a bright, promising New Year is in any way special.
The first of January deserves better. Perhaps nothing is better suited to kick off a new 365 than a solid, tasty brunch, and the timing is right when a good percentage of the population will rise and shine a lot later than usual.

The following are restaurants that are not only open, but present a brunch spread that makes it worthwhile to crawl out of bed.

The usual suspects
Eateries where weekend nosh-fests are their bread and butter.

The Mission
This trio has won a following on the back of lengthy bill of fare made up solely of flavorsome breakfast and lunch items, ranging from Americana offerings, such as blueberry pancakes and hash and eggs to eclectic "Chino Latino" fare, including sesame chicken tacos and chilaquiles.

The Vista

By Allie Safran

Breakfast, often the most important meal of the day, was not always something I looked forward to. In high school, I would dread and often skip breakfast because it was never that good. A dry piece of toast with fake butter and a banana? Not my idea of a good meal. However, once I came to USD and discovered The Mission and Olive Café in North Mission Beach (particularly good after a late night at the Sandbar), I realized that I had been missing out for quite some time.

It was the Chef's Choice Scramble (sub avocado for bacon) at Olive Café and the Zen Breakfast at The Mission that transformed me into a breakfast aficionado. Over the past few weeks, I've made it my priority to seek out other wonderful breakfast options besides Olive Café and The Mission, which are the two breakfast locales frequented most often by current USD students.

Full article here



By city'zen

Zagat picks are a fresh take on breakfast – at sweeter prices than downtown hotels
Zagat just released its picks for the best breakfast restaurants in 25 U.S. cities. I love that the editors' recommendations invite visitors to veer off predictable and pricy hotel menus to experience local favorites.
Six of the must-try spots just happen to be in my beloved CityPASS cities: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston and Philadelphia. Dr. Oz says breakfast is the most important meal of the day (in case you don't remember your mother telling you that every day of your childhood). Besides, you'll need the energy for a vigorous day of sightseeing.

Here's the best news: You'll likely spend less than you would for a hotel breakfast, and you'll get a new angle on the city. Zagat says most complete breakfasts clock in under $20. You'll get to visit a new neighborhood, and rub elbows with local fans. Happily, there's an emphasis on fresh ingredients.

The Mission, with its self-described "chino latino" menu, is Zagat's San Diego choice. The choices are wide-ranging, but the best hearty-appetite bargain appears to be the restaurant's "2+2+2=6," which includes two blackberry pancakes, two scrambled eggs, and two strips of bacon for $6.

Website here

The Advocate


By Justin Ocean

The Mission
North Park owes a debt to this friendly "chino latino" brunch joint for bringing the soul back to the neighborhood just 10 years ago.

944 Magazine


By Melissa Adames and Kristin Van Leer

What's for dinner
people, places, events, food, drinks, etc...

DISH - The Mission
Hangover from hell? Head to the Mission and cure yourself with their signature dish, the Mission French Toast. Made with homemade cinnamon toast fresh from the bakery, topped with blueberries and bordered with fruit and blueberry puree, the presentation is as good as the first bite. Add a side of their rosemary potatoes, and you're good to go.