One of The Mission specialties is our distinctive handmade breads used for our sandwiches, French Toast and several of our breakfast dishes. We bake each loaf fresh and deliver them to our restaurants daily. The unique flavors, textures and crusts give our breads a wonderful versatility and are a result of high quality ingredients and craftsmanship. We know you’ll love the homemade taste.

Rosemary Bread - Elevate your morning toast and sandwiches with our Rosemary bread. Aromatic sprigs of rosemary and olive oil give this bread it’s sublime flavor and moist texture. Crisp golden crust and smooth well rounded flavor with a soft interior.

Cinnamon Bread - A moist melt in your mouth soft white loaf, baked golden brown with a gooey spiral of cinnamon and brown sugar for an unforgettable experience. It's ideal for cinnamon toast and French Toast.

Brown Bread – Wholesome nutritious and delicious our wheat bread with molasses has a hearty texture and faintly sweet satisfying flavor. Topped with toasted rolled oats.

Gluten Free Rosemary / Gluten Free Cinnamon – Gluten free doesn’t mean bread free anymore. Moist, flavorful, subtle, savory and aromatic. Inspired by old world breads this loaf is deliciously dense. Perfect when slightly grilled! Contains a blend of gluten free flours.